Church Council & Other Committees

councilThe Church Council is made up of volunteers who envision, plan, implement, and evaluate the ministry of our congregation. They are a vital aspect at BLC as they strive to do God’s work with thoughtfulness, integrity, and respect. Council members are elected to three year terms and the President is appointed by the council.

– Ryan Ideus, Vice President – Chad Fox, Secretary – Michelle Koranda, Other Council Members –   Jovan Lausterer,  Missy Abbott,  Kim Schnakenberg,  Tiana Strait, Mike Christian and Luke Simons.


Audit Committee
Tom Johnston, Eric Gottschalk, Orv Johnson, Vicki Simons, Don Fick

Endowment Board
President – Kevin Dunbar, Treasurer – Ryan Ideus
Other Members – Ann Egr, Khris Lihs, Jerry Johnson

Luther Heritage Scholarship Committee
Corkie Forbes, Al Grandgenett, Jerry Johnson, Judy Stukenholtz

Memorial  Fund Committee
Deb Barry, Angela Biggerstaff, Janet Jonas, Mary Oden, Deb Rubesh, Angela Harris

Nominating Committee
Rett Inbody,  Deb Rubesh, Al Rubesh, Steve Olson, Jayson Iversen and Mary Miller

Service Guild Steering Committee
Patti Inbody, Arlene Johnson, Maurene Johnston, Rosie Rosengren, Marilyn Volin

Synod Assembly Delegates (2017)
Bob and Cindy Hayden
Judy Stukenholtz
Angela Olson
Orv and Karen Johnson
Jerry and Arlen Johnson – Alternates

Mutual Ministry Committee
Brandon Mann
Tara Burkey
Josh Borchers
Kelly Cordes
Julie Lausterer
Chad Fox
Jordan Rasmussen
Colette Rathke
Lora Iversen

Stewardship Committee
Jerry Johnson – Chair
Ed Banks – Vice Chair
Jovan Lausterer
Marcia Pearson
Luke Simons

Worship and Music Committee
Angela Olson
Kelli Mattson
Lori Mortensen
Melanie Kersten
Bill Reece
Lois Fick
Judy Stukenholtz
Missy Abbott
Vicki Simons
Patti Inbody

Property Committee
Luke Simons
Rob Miller
Jerry Volin
Ryan Ideus
Jayson Iversen
Don Fick

Bethlehem Quilter Leaders
Mary McKay 402-443-4229
Marilyn Klinzman 402-443-4002