Click on the link below to give online!
If you are just getting started:
1. Click on link and go to upper left hand corner of web page and you will find a drop down menu located on blue bar.
2. Click on “Sign In.”
3. Click on blue bar below. “New to Give+ ? and enter information.

If you are interested in automated giving, our church uses the Simply Giving® Program through Thrivent.  It is a stewardship program that helps you make automatic payments through electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly from checking or savings accounts.

This form can be printed and brought into the office.

What are the benefits for you?
 EFT enables all of your giving to be “First Fruits” giving. Your gifts for God come “off the top,” and you have the peace of mind and joy of knowing that your giving is a top priority. Often—despite our best intentions—our church giving comes out of what is left after all our other expenditures. EFT enables us to put our giving first each and every month.
2.  Giving by EFT means that you’ll never again have to feel guilty about missing a pledge payment, and you’ll never have to worry again about catching up if you are unable to attend a Sunday church service.

What are the benefits for Bethlehem?
EFT means that the church can more accurately plan its budget and cash flow throughout the year.
2. Giving becomes a spiritual decision and a spiritual discipline for church members. Giving can bring more strength and vitality to our congregation.