Milestones – Baptisms/Wedding/Funerals & Other

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BLC provides opportunities for families looking to celebrate and honor the milestones of their lives. The information presented here is to offer you insight as you begin making decisions. Please call us in the office at 402-443-3160, and our pastor will help you with any of your questions, concerns, or plans.

Baptism is a process. A lifelong process. Lutherans have a special insight about baptism. We don’t see it as a 10-minute ceremony that happens to babies. We believe it takes a lifetime to complete. It is an everyday experience where we recognize our sins, remember we were baptized, and are renewed by God’s forgiveness. Martin Luther called baptism, “the daily garment which the Christian is to wear all the time.” The Lutheran Church has always taught that baptism is for everyone, including infants.  It is a ceremony combined with the Word of God and sprinkling of water. In Matthew 28:19, Jesus says, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit . . ..”

If you would like to schedule a baptism, please contact the pastor.

First Communion is a family event. Children attend sessions with the pastor, talk about baptism and  learn about Holy Communion. More about Holy Communion…

CONFIRMATION –  More information can be found in Middle School Ministry.

Congratulations! You have entered into the process of preparing for marriage. The celebration of the service of marriage is a worship event where those gathered give praise and thanks to God for the union of two special people in marriage, pledge to support them in their marriage, and ask God’s blessings on their union.  

A wedding is also a service of worship celebrating a covenant of fidelity which is lifelong. It is a glad occasion overflowing with joy. Those who celebrate a wedding rejoice in gifts which God declared from the beginning to be “very good.”

It is our preference that either the bride or groom be a member of BLC or wish to join in membership. Participation in the worship life of a church provides opportunities for the Word of God to spiritually nourish couples so they may be strengthened in their promise to live a “faith-filled” marriage. If either the bride or groom are not members, then please speak with the pastor about your particular situation. Please contact pastor for the guidelines for all wedding activities and facility use.

We at Bethlehem Lutheran Church wish you a blessed wedding day and a joy filled marriage. 

It is our belief that a Christian funeral service is a celebration. Our baptism points us to the promise of eternal life in Christ and He brings us hope. We offer this hope to you and to family and friends that your loved one is now in God’s eternal kingdom. A service also provides an opportunity to acknowledge your loss and gather together as a caring community to support one another.

Planning a service can be difficult, but it provides time to laugh and to cry as the stories are shared and retold.  Pastor will walk with you and your family during this challenging time and is available to go to the funeral home to assist in making arrangements if desired.  Please contact Pastor at the church office.

The BLC Service Guild  is a group of volunteers willing to help with special events.