In our prayers this week


Please remember these people in your prayers this week.

In our Prayers:

Robert Peterson, Kim Brigham, Arlene  Bennett, Jon Pearson, Julie Riecken,  Karen Kennedy,  Deb Harriman, Nick Kuncl, Eunice Brodahl, Nick Johnson, Marlene Vogt, Deann Chmelka, Daryl Swanson, Catherine Grummert, Beth Volin, Pastor Morse & Jan, Marlene Obert, Lorraine Syverson, Marsha Hanson, Mike Barry, Mildred Jasa, Peg Ericson and Eldon Johnson


(Please contact the office with additions or corrections to list.)

Our Members at the Care Centers:

South Haven: Eunice Brodahl, Robert Peterson and Lorraine Syverson

Care Center: Jenny Iversen

Saunders House: Tom Lindau & Stanley Dokulil

Nye Legacy: Marlene Obert


Please let the office know if you have any additions or corrections to the prayer list.